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TAKA TUKA SOCIETY has been working in the field of special education and educational theatre and drama for more than 20 years. They have been promoting the use of drama for social inclusion through workshops, conferences, festivals, youth exchanges for students, teachers, youth workers,... Lately they are focusing on supporting and training teachers in inclusive education.

TEATAR TIRENA - has been working in the field of educational theatre and drama for 23 years. Their members lead theatre groups for students, stage performances for raising awareness on various »social issues«, teach subjects related to creative education at University of Education.

MORADOKMAI - is not just a school, where students learn through music, theatre, dance and film, but a learning community where formal, non-formal and informal learning are joined. Their expertise in arts education and holistic approach to education resulted in creating innovative and flexible learning methods that meet needs of diverse students. Especially latter are important for dveleping quality lessons plans to ensure inclusion.

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